If you love your car, you’ll sure love our services.

My Pit Stop is a door-to-door steam wash service, which ensures your car continues to look exactly the way you love it. Latest technology in steam wash, trained personnel and prompt service is what makes us the first choice for every car lover.

Our services go beyond the everyday car wash, as the technology we use is both eco-friendly and car-friendly. We not only remove dust but also sanitize , deodorze every square centimeter of your car (otherwise impossible to reach) making it visibly clean, but also make your interiors hygenic and germ-free for your loved ones

Our services broadly include:

• Exterior and Interior Steam Wash
• Interior Vacuum Cleaning
• Exterior and Interior Polish
• Engine De-greasing
• A/C System Cleaning and Sanitisation
• Total Interior Deodorisation
• Boot Cleaning and Disinfection